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Favourite Pokémon!

He's the mascot for good reason, who could resist this little guy? I've even got an army of Pika plush that reside on my bed. Pikachu is considered overrated by some people, but in my eyes I think he deserves the hype: what other Pokémon can be loved and recognized by pretty much anyone regardless of age or gender?

Jigglypuff who? Personally I've always preferred Clefairy to Jigglypuff, I just love its design so much :D Jiggly was funnier in the anime, sure, but it doesn't have cute wings! Clefairy was actually supposed to be the original mascot before Pikachu, and you can still see this in the Japan-only gag manga Pokémon Pocket Monsters, with Red having a talking one as his main mon. You have to wonder if Pokémon would have taken off with young boys in the US if Clefairy was the main face of the franchise...

I liked Sabrina's Kadabra in the anime, but I didn't truely fall in love with Kadabra until I caught and evolved an Abra on my copy of Pokémon Ruby. That Kadabra had her own spot in my party, with her psybeam being fairly handy. That save file has been lost to time, but I was still very happy to find that Abra was in Legends Arceus (I now have a new Kadabra on my team!). Personal attachment aside, I like the red psychic markings and big fat tail. C'mon, why did he have to lose it when he evolves! Also, obligatory FU to Uri Geller for screwing over Kadabra fans for like 20 years.

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